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Released every Tuesday from the 1st September 2020

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Episode 7: Getting into Art Education- The Art Foundation Diploma

Our seventh episode will introduce the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design; a one year qualification often completed between college and university. The Earth Bodies team will share their experiences of the course, and why they think it is such a crucial step in art education that can often be missed. It is also aContinue reading “Episode 7: Getting into Art Education- The Art Foundation Diploma”

Episode 5: The ‘Creative Block’ and Methods of Making Art

In our fifth episode we will be giving you an insight into the various ways of carrying out a creative project, and how to find methods and tools that work for you. Lastly we’ll discuss our thoughts on the ‘creative block’. This series was recorded online during lockdown, so apologies for any sound quality issues.Continue reading “Episode 5: The ‘Creative Block’ and Methods of Making Art”

Episode 4: The Art World and Sustainability: Part I

In this episode the Earth Bodies collective will be discussing some of the reasons why we believe the art world, in its current state, isn’t environmentally sustainable. We will be covering topics from the materials we use, to the exhibitions we go to see, and much more. Resources we used and discussed in this episodeContinue reading “Episode 4: The Art World and Sustainability: Part I”

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