Episode 8: Art Education in Lockdown

In the final episode of the series we discuss our thoughts on beginning the final year of our Fine Art degree during the pandemic, we will be speaking about how current and past restrictions have changed our experience of education and how both universities and students are having to adapt. We hope you’ve enjoyed thisContinue reading “Episode 8: Art Education in Lockdown”

Episode 7: Getting into Art Education- The Art Foundation Diploma

Our seventh episode will introduce the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design; a one year qualification often completed between college and university. The Earth Bodies team will share their experiences of the course, and why they think it is such a crucial step in art education that can often be missed. It is also aContinue reading “Episode 7: Getting into Art Education- The Art Foundation Diploma”

Episode 6: The Art World and Sustainability: Part II

This episode follows up from Episode 4, however you don’t need to listen to it prior. It will expand on the sustainability of the art world, in both the social and economic sense, considering the problems we are facing and the changes that need to be made. Resources we used for this episode are availableContinue reading “Episode 6: The Art World and Sustainability: Part II”

Episode 5: The ‘Creative Block’ and Methods of Making Art

In our fifth episode we will be giving you an insight into the various ways of carrying out a creative project, and how to find methods and tools that work for you. Lastly we’ll discuss our thoughts on the ‘creative block’. This series was recorded online during lockdown, so apologies for any sound quality issues.Continue reading “Episode 5: The ‘Creative Block’ and Methods of Making Art”

Episode 4: The Art World and Sustainability: Part I

In this episode the Earth Bodies collective will be discussing some of the reasons why we believe the art world, in its current state, isn’t environmentally sustainable. We will be covering topics from the materials we use, to the exhibitions we go to see, and much more. Resources we used and discussed in this episodeContinue reading “Episode 4: The Art World and Sustainability: Part I”

Episode 3: How Do I Make My Art Sustainable?

This week we will be sharing own experiences with trying to make our art more environmentally sustainable, both what we’ve found easy to change and the challenges we’ve been facing. We hope to give you some ideas for your own work, whilst keeping things achievable and affordable! All of us are still learning and thisContinue reading “Episode 3: How Do I Make My Art Sustainable?”

Episode 2: What is ‘Fine Art’? Unpicking Art Terminology

Here’s episode 2 for you! Today we’ll be discussing what the term ‘Fine Art’ means to us, as well as some other art terminology that can be confusing or inaccessible. We wanted this to be one of our first episodes as these words will probably crop up in our discussions over the course of theContinue reading “Episode 2: What is ‘Fine Art’? Unpicking Art Terminology”

The Trailer: An Introduction To Our Podcast

We’ve been working on this podcast series, as well as our upcoming zine, for the last 2 months and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! You can listen to the trailer below to get an idea of what we’re all about. Episode 1 will be released on theContinue reading “The Trailer: An Introduction To Our Podcast”